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The common man is often skeptical when it comes to investment. A major part of the population is still unaware of the unprecedented opportunities that the market offers.

Moneyplus aims to provide clients financial freedom by provided them these key tools:

  • A clear understanding of financial goals
  • A defined roadmap to achieve said goals
  • Consistent support to ensure optimal roadmap tweaking based on ever-changing needs
We Strongly Feel

A well-planned financial strategy is essential to meet short as well as long term goals.

Mutual Funds

At Moneyplus, we have tied up with all major Mutual Fund companies in India. We can help you onboard & execute all your Mutual Fund transactions from anywhere across the globe. 

Our cutting edge technology ensures you can start investing online almost instantly. Due to adoption of online transaction platforms from National Stock Exchange (NSE) & M F Utilities (MFU), we have become one of the top Mutual Fund distributors in our area.


With ever changing lifestyle, life & health Insurance is essential in the life of every individual. We at Moneyplus have tieups with multiple insurers for all your health & life insurance needs. We can also assist you with your motor & other non motor insurance needs. In all the cases, our endeavour is to get you best policy for your needs.

Tax Planning Services

With our in house Chartered Accountant as well as Legal expert, we have in depth knowledge of taxes that you need to pay. We can plan your taxes, especially for our NRI clients, who don’t have any other income source in India. 

Our special TAX LEAKAGE CALCULATOR can check all your past income tax records & help you check your tax leakages so that you can save your taxes in future.


Stock Broking

Invest in the Indian stock markets [Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE)]. This is made possible through a sub-broker agreement between Moneyplus and SMC Global Securities Ltd.

Succession Planning Services

Without proper succession planning, it can be tedious & overwhelming for legal heirs to claim the assets after death of their elders. Our in house legal experts can help you plan your succession by drafting comprehensive WILL & also ensure smooth transfer of assets to right beneficiaries after the death of the person.

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  • Financial and Wealth management
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Cash management
  • Estate Planning
  • and more

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