Why us

We are one of the very few distributors in the country to make available NSE’s (National Stock Exchange) MF Simplified platform which gives benefits to investors as :

  • A single Login ID & Password to access, view, transact in ALL the Mutual Funds online
  • No need of paperwork after initial KYC process is done.
  • We can initiate transactions for our clients online which they just need to authorize using OTP.
  • Start SIP online – without any paperwork – using this platform.
  • Eliminate logistics issues for remote / NRI clients since there is no paperwork for any transaction. 100% transactions are done online – linked to a single Investor Identification Number (IIN).
  • Since all the investment across all Mutual Funds is linked to one common IIN, there is no scope to miss out any investment.

Along with Mutual Funds, you can also access world class trading platform to buy / sell shares directly in NSE or BSE, provided by SMC Global Securities Ltd. You can always place orders by calling our dealing desk or through Whatsapp / SMS.

Why MFS?

We believes that good financial decisions don’t have to be confusing. We can provide simple, proven techniques that can help you make the most of your money and help achieve more of your financial goals. We have always been on the forefront in using latest technology by which it becomes easy for you to travel through journey of your goal achievement. Our work does not finish after selecting & selling the product. We pride in our quality post sales servicing.

Our unique services

Online convenience along with offline benefits

We are one of the 1st in the industry to provide online transaction facility across all mutual funds. We can punch your purchase / sell / switch / SIP transactions on your behalf & you just have to authorize the transaction through email or OTP SMS – all this without any paperwork. You can also issue an instruction to buy, sell or switch units as well as plan and track your investments easily and effectively at any time, anywhere, all by yourself.
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Safe & Secure

The online mutual fund transaction platform is provided by National Stock Exchange www.nseindia.com ensuring that the client data remains secure and confidential. We are certified by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), which is a mandatory requirement for entities involved in mutual fund distribution.

Consolidated statements & Portfolio Tracker

We give you consolidated statements of all your mutual fund investments (transacted through our platform as well as offline) which include valuation, performance, and transaction details.

We also pride in announcing that ours is the most comprehensive reporting that any investor would ever require, be it your profit & loss reports or capital gain reports or tax calculation reports, pertaining to your investments in Mutual funds or Stock Market.

Insurance Services

Most of Life Insurance sold in India is actually mis-sold. We try to cover this gap by suggesting you most suitable life & health Insurance combo, which is in your own interest.

Hi-tech Initiatives

  • Digitizing each & every paper so that retrieving your old investment documents is breeze even after decades.
  • Recording & archival of all the communication between our clients & staff.
  • Reach us through Chat / Whatsap / SMS / Email / Voice call for any of the service issues & expect reply from us in lowest turn around time.